Is Battery reconditioning a Scam?

Bringing all the old batteries back to life – that sounds like a dream for huge number of households. In the very moment this dream started to become a reality the whole Internet community separated – on one side there are believers and on the another those who yell “Scam! Scam!”.

Let’s take it easy. If you want to judge something, you have to know all the details about it. Otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense for you and it is completely useless for other potential customers. At the end of this review it will be up to you to decide if this book is worth the try or not.


PDF guide by Tom Ericson:

What do we talk about? EZ battery reconditioning system is a PDF guide written by Tom Ericson. It is a step-by-step guide with simple instructions for making your dead batteries usable again. This guide consists of 21 chapter and describes two methods of reconditioning batteries.


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But why this topic is so important for every person on the planet and why did it grab everyone’s attention so quickly?

An ordinary household depends on big number of different batteries for cars, phones, laptops, solar panels, etc. We use them for main household appliances and our daily activities are closely connected to having a good quality battery.

Every now and then you get a new device which, of course, requires its own battery (sometime pretty expensive one) So, if you take a look at your annual budget you’ll realize batteries also cost us a lot of money.

Just imagine having those few hundreds more in your pocket and using them for fine restaurants, vacations or whatever you like.

Sounds nice?

Who wouldn’t like bigger family budget?

Who wouldn’t like clean Earth, too?



If you have been thinking about ecology recently you must have realized waste (especially toxic waste) is one of the biggest Earth’s problems.




Keeping your wallet full and Earth green – is there a better thing you could do for your children? Now it’s not really a surprise that this special guide’s topic is so hot on the market.

But is it valuable for you as an ordinary reader? After carefully reviewing it, pros and cons are extracted so you can easily make a decision by yourself.

Positive things:

Very important topic for each person who wants to save up money for things like vacations, new cars, etc. and don’t throw it on batteries.
Excellent book for those who care about ecology and want to reduce waste. By using old batteries over you don’t need the new ones. Although there is a possibility of recycling them is pretty obvious not all the people do this often enough.
It’s not about one type of battery, but about more than 10 types of them. This makes the guide extremely effective for each family, regardless of their life habits, machines they own and so on.
Very simple guide with straightforward instructions and all the needed pictures and graphics so even a person with no education about electronics can recondition dead batteries.

It is created for regular people, not for those with special electronics skills.

The language is not complicated at all.
Quick process – it can be done in 10 or 20 minutes, which is important for those who hurry all the time…Actually all of us! Is there someone who likes time-consuming processes?
It comes in PDF format which is very convenient to use on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone and so on. This format doesn’t require shipping and further no additional costs.
Safe purchase is fully available. If you are not satisfied for any reason all you have to do is to send the email and get your money back, without being asked about reasons. That’s how much creators do believe in their product.
The gift – you actually get two more books for free.

The first one is about growing your own business with batteries. How can you revive old batteries and sell them, how to set up the whole business – each part of it is well explained.

So, obviously you get two benefits from this program – saving up money and earning more. The other bonus book is about preventive – it tells about maintenance so the batteries last longer before you recondition them. So, maintenance + reconditioning – maximizing the potential of each battery!
If something ever change in this guide or new facts are added you will know this, for free. It is probably that in next few years experts will figure out more about this great process of reviving the dead batteries as it becomes more and more trending. The customer doesn’t need to search the Internet in years that are coming – the new fresh knowledge will come straight to him/her.

At the end, there is a low price. Less than 50 dollars is really not an investment and you will practically not feel this amount missing from your budget.


Negative  Reviews:

Not all the batteries can be brought to life as this would really be a magic, right? Some of them are completely unusable so the only thing you can do is to recycle them. However, this is explained in the book and there is a way how to check their state before starting recondition.

PDF format might not be so convenient for older people so they might need to print it out. Some of the customers rely on old, good book and they wouldn’t like reading this on a tablet, for example.
Although the process is very simple it’s still not a magic. That means you still have to involve yourself a bit and also be careful with the tools you are using.

Those are all positive and negative characteristics I found important when it comes to “EZ Battery Reconditioning System”. I believe you are now capable of making up your mind by yourself. I would be happy if you find this review helpful in any way.